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Here at Compass, we strive ourselves on choosing candidates who meet or exceed the requirements of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine to ensure the safest and lowest-risk pregnancies possible.

Some of the requirements include:
1. Between the ages of 21 and 44
2. A health BMI (height to weight ratio) not exceeding 35.
3. Have had at least one pregnancy. 
4. All pregnancies to be considered low-risk and uncomplicated
5. No history of drug abuse and must not use any form of tobacco
6. Background check must be clear of any major criminal history for you as well as your spouse/partner if applicable.
7. Must be financially stable and not on any form of housing or food assistance.
8. Must be a US Citizen. At this time, we cannot accept candidates in Louisiana, Michigan, or Nebraska.
9. No history of custody loss and must be raising your children.
10. Cannot work with women who have had a uterine ablation.


With Compass, you choose the compensation and benefits that fit your life, needs, and wishes.  While we have a sample package that some candidates decide to go with, ultimately, we want you to feel comfortable with the numbers that are presented to your potential Intended Parents.  Here is an example package that might be expected by Intended Parents with our program:

  • Base Compensation: 45,000.00

  • Monthly Allowance: 300.00 per month

  • Medication start and transfer fees: 1000.00 combined

  • Maternity clothing allowance: 800.00

  • Cancelled cycle/Mock/ERA fees: 500.00

  • C-section fee: 3000.00

  • Multiples fee: 7500.00 per fetus

  • Invasive procedure fee: 1200.00

  • Loss of organs fee: 1,500.00 to 10,000.00​

*All costs associated with the journey will be paid for by the intended parents. These costs could include, medical bills, health insurance premiums, travel costs, lost wages due to travel and/or bedrest, childcare costs due to travel and/or bedrest, life insurance premiums, etc. ​


Join the Compass Family

To get started, fill out this form.  If requirements are met, we will send you instructions on filling out the full profile and application.

Have you been vaccinated against COVID-19?

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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