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Transparency is Key

There are different types of egg donation that are available to you.  At Compass, we believe that the best option is what we call known donation. During this process, you get to know the parents that you will be helping and will be able to keep the lines of communication open for years to come.  This potential relationship is unique, empowering, honest, and heartfelt.


Deciding if you Qualify

Each clinic with have its own set of rules and requirements that will be dependent on the parents you choose to work with.  However, some of the most basic requirements are the following: Between the ages of 21 and 32, clean genetic history, lead a healthy lifestyle without smoking, drug use, or significant alcohol use, not on a birth control form not conducive to treatment and/or willing to change form of birth control. You will go through an extensive screening process to verify information given.


Knowing the Benefits

As a donor, you will receive compensation for your time, energy, and effort for going through this process.  The compensation amount is determined by you and agreed upon by the intended parents prior to your match call.  There are no negative financial implications to you for undergoing this process and all costs associated with the journey including travel will be covered.


1. Choose Compass

The first step is filling out egg donor application. This provides us with information on what you are looking for, your physical and mental health history, and provides you with a checklist of additional steps that need to be completed prior to matching.

2. Choosing potential Intended Parents

Once all tasks have been completed from your side, we will present you to potential intended parents who have needs that you meet and in turn, meet yours.  We will assess next steps along with their clinic as well as timelines and screening process.

3. Match Call

Once the steps have been clearly outlined and relayed to all parties, if all are in agreement on the logistical side, a match call will be set up between the egg donor and intended parents to get to know each other and determine if all parties are comfortable moving forward with the match.

4. Medical and Psychological Screening

You will then schedule all required screenings with the clinic as well as the psychologist for evaluation with our assistance.  The screening process is dependent on the clinical requirements and may include travel.

5. Legal Stage

Once cleared by the clinic, you and the intended parents will complete and review the legal agreement with each of you having individual legal representation.  During this stage, we will help both parties determine if additional medical coverage should be put in place prior to cycle commencement.

6. Cycling

Once the clinic receives legal clearance, we are ready for the cycle calendar to be scheduled! Once dates are in place, we will work with all parties to arrange travel, appointments locally and at the home clinic, and ensure proper communication between your doctor, staff, intended parents, and yourself.

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