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Compensation and Fees

One of the first questions we get asked is what we offer as part of our compensation package. We know that the financial benefits of undergoing surrogacy and the emotional and mental support you receive are large parts of this process. Because of this, we work with each individual candidate to come up with your own compensation package based on wants, needs, and desires. As we always state, no two journeys are the same. Therefore, your individual wants and needs should be valued. Below, you will find some sample numbers we provide during the screening process to help our candidates by giving a guidepost and setting expectations based on what we are seeing every day. 

Sample Compensation Package

First Time Candidate

Base Compensation: $45,000

Monthly Allowance: $300/month
Third Trimester Allowance: $100/month
Medication Start Fee: $500
Embryo Transfer Fee: $1000
C-Section Fee: $3000

Multiples Fee: $7500 
Invasive Procedure Fee: $1200
Bedrest Fee: $500/week
Lost Wages: For bedrest and/or 6-8 weeks post-birth

How Payment Works

All compensation, fees, and reimbursements are paid out according to the legal contract between you and your intended parents. The funds for the journey are held in a third-party escrow account to ensure payment throughout the journey for medical bills, insurance, travel, etc. 

Image by Devon Divine
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