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Your Guide for Surrogacy

If you are an Intended Parent that is turning to surrogacy to help build your family, we would love to assist you through this process. Our goal is to help navigate the journey for both you and your surrogate in a manner where proper communication remains the top priority. While each journey is individual and can take different turns along the way, we will help to streamline the process, foresee potential roadblocks and changes, and make sure everyone feels involved in this partnership.


What we offer

Proud Parents


We don't want to just make a match. We want to make the RIGHT match.  When the match feels right between both parties, it helps the journey to stay authentic, smooth, and communication open.


Many times, we are asked if we tend to be more Intended Parent or surrogate focused.  We answer that we are, in fact, neither.  We find that if our main focus is on getting your child earthside as safely as possible, we are better advocates for all parties.  By keeping the child's health and safety as our main goal, we are able to not lose sight of our role during your journey.

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A Happy Family


We know that this journey is anything but cheap.  There are many different expenses that will be incurred throughout. Some of which we have a say in and others that seem to be outside of our control.  However, we strive to keep your budget in mind with each step taken.  It is important to us that you know we are aware of this great financial undertaking and will navigate to the best of our abilities in a manner which keeps costs in check.


Our team is extremely knowledgeable and knows certain steps of the process like the back of our hands. However, we will ensure you that even if you are the 100th couple that we have assisted on the same issue, you will not feel like a number.  We understand that this may still be the first time you have experienced different steps within the journey so we encourage you to ask questions and seek further guidance when you may be feeling lost or need clarification.

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Why choose us?

What does an agency do during your surrogacy journey? The best way to explain our role is by using a train analogy.  We as the agency are the conductor.  Our goal is to get the engine on the right track and where it needs to go with all of the boxcars lined up in the correct order. 

Each boxcar represents a different part of this process.  While we don't have complete control of how the items are lined up and packed into the boxcars that represent legal teams, escrow, clinical, and medical processes, what we are doing is getting those boxcars hooked up within it's proper place on the track to be guided forward by the engine.  If we foresee that things need moved around or maybe even moved onto a different track, it is our job to make sure those changes are made in the most seamless manner possible while maintaining communication with every party.

Some of our duties and included services are:

1. Navigating the surrogate candidate through the initial screening process which includes internal medical records review, psychological evaluation, background checks on both the candidate and spouse/partner (if applicable), health insurance internal review, and education consultation with the candidate. 

2. Tailoring match criteria to each individual and making sure that all matches presented to both the intended parent and the surrogate mesh with the wants and needs of each party. 

3. Ensuring that proper expectations have been given to each party in terms of compensation package, timeline wishes, number of embryos to transfer, termination viewpoints, and vaccination status and requirements. 

4. Coordinating the physical medical screening at the intended parent's home clinic which includes all paperwork being on file, travel arrangements made, and costs of the trip outlined to the IPs. 

5. Introducing both parties to their individual legal counsel that has been chosen by each person for contract drafting, review, and parentage. Introductions are also made between the parties and the escrow funds management team.

6. Arranging care with the home clinic as well as with the local monitoring clinic for all pertinent appointments.

7. Assisting with health insurance reviews and procurements of plans for the surrogate.

8. Coordinating travel for the transfer when needed in accordance with the clinic's requirements.

9. Helping the surrogate obtain OB care with the preferred provider locally for care during the pregnancy. 

10. Ensuring all necessary documentation and parentage paperwork is on file with the hospital's social work team prior to birth for ease of transition of care.

Kissng the Newborn


If you have found your match and are ready to start, yet could use some direction or would like to take the awkward business side out of the equation, this could be an option for you!

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