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Why choose Compass?

Whether you've been aware for a while that your journey to parenthood will involve the assistance of an egg donor, or you have recently received this news, we understand that the emotions revolving around this next step can be overwhelming at times. Our goal is to help you take this step with a sense of hope by leading with a basis of education and transparency along the way. 

At Compass Family Journeys, we facilitate known donations between intended parents and egg donors.  While there are many directions that one can take when deciding on an egg donor, we believe that honest and open communication between the parties and future offspring helps to nurture healthy relationships and transparency as third party reproduction continues to grow.  

If you are interested in learning more about known egg donor journeys or are ready to start the next steps in this process, please click on the link below to fill out our form. 


What are the steps?

Whether you have a reproductive clinic you are already working with or you need assistance in choosing a medical provider, we will help you determine the best route to meet your needs.

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1. Choose Compass

The first step is filling out our intended parent application for egg donation. This provides us with information on what you are looking for, where you are in your journey, requirements you or your clinic have, and provides you with a checklist of additional steps that need to be completed prior to matching.

2. Choosing a potential donor

Once all tasks have been completed from your side, we will present potential candidates to you that fit your criteria as well as hers. We will assess next steps along with your clinic as well as potential costs, timelines, and screening requirements.

3. Match Call

Once the steps have been clearly outlined and relayed to all parties, if all are in agreement on the logistical side, a match call will be set up between the egg donor and intended parents to get to know each other and determine if all parties are comfortable moving forward with the match.

4. Medical and Psychological Screening

Your donor will then schedule all required screenings with your clinic as well as the psychologist for evaluation.  The screening process is dependent on your clinical requirements and may include travel.

5. Legal Stage

Once cleared by your clinic, you and your donor will complete and review the legal agreement with each of you having individual legal representation.  During this stage, we will help both parties determine if additional medical coverage should be put in place prior to cycle commencement.

6. Cycling

Once the clinic receives legal clearance, we are ready for the cycle calendar to be scheduled between your clinic and donor.  Once dates are in place, we will work with all parties to arrange travel, appointments locally and at the home clinic, and ensure proper communication between your doctor, staff, donor, and yourself.

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