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Young Businesswomen


For already matched Intended Parents


What exactly does the agency do when you already have your match? Can you do this on your own? Why is
this a service we, as the IPs, should look into?

All of these are really good questions. Truth be told, you do NOT need the agency. We will never make our
IPs feel like they aren't capable of navigating this journey on their own. However, we do hope to make this
journey a bit more seamless since this is something we do day in and day out. Our goal is to not make this be
another full time job for you and take as much off of your plate as possible. We know that people go the
independent route for a multitude of reasons and we want your journey to go as you envisioned.

But in the beginning stages, there are going to be uncomfortable topics that you'll need to bring up and more
"business" related items that could get in the way of relationship-building. Additionally, since we have already formed relationships with other professionals and know what issues or complications to foresee, we will help you stay ahead of the game organizationally to get you to your goal in the most timely manner.



Guided Independent Surrogacy

Online Class


If you have put a lot of time and effort into educating yourself on the
surrogacy process and feel you have the time to continue working hand in hand, this option may be best. We help place the anchors on the large moving pieces in the right order to get your started.

Mother and Son


The next option for your journey offers a bit more hands on work from the agency to help get your bearings and line up the steps that involve a bit more communication with both the IPs and GC.

Gay Couple with their Son


If you would like your journey to come full-circle just a bit more which
includes assistance with the hospital, necessary paperwork, and aligning help for the parentage piece of the process, the full Course Program may be the best option for you.

For a full list of services provided in each program, please contact us for your Guided Independent Surrogacy Guidebook.

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