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Guided Independent Journeys

Our Course Program
Our Guided Independent Course Program was created to offer flexibility and choice to intended parents undergoing a surrogacy journey. We understand that on top of the emotional, mental, and physical stressors of this path come the financial stressors. Because of this, we feel strongly about offering the services of an agency at a fraction of the cost for those who have found their own match. Compass will be here for you as your navigational guide while you are matched with your independent surrogate until pregnancy has been achieved. This is a fee-for-service program in which payments are made prior to moving past a particular milestone within the journey. Please inquire for additional information and our free PDF guide.

Some of our Services Include: 

Collection of information for screening including medical records, background check information, and health insurance information, setting up of the psychological evaluation, outside monitoring coordination, escrow coordination, travel coordination, legal coordination, and FET cycle education.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Total Agency Fee: $9,000

Payable in 3 equal installments at the time of: Initial medical records clearance by the clinic, Full medical clearance, and Full legal clearance. 


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