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Journey Costs

Agency Programs To Fit Your Needs
The financial undertaking of a surrogacy journey can be overwhelming at times. At Compass, we have designed a few different programs to meet you where you are and help navigate this journey together. Find information below on our agency package options to find out what best fits your situation.


Anchor is our standard program providing full agency services for you as the intended parents as well as your gestational carrier.  The Anchor program covers your journey with one gestational carrier. We have developed our payment structure to follow the steps of the journey and make sure you are paying for services as we hit particular milestones. Rematch terms apply in the Anchor program.

Total Agency Fee: $21,000
Payable in 3 equal installments at the time of: Full Medical Clearance, Full Legal Clearance, and 20 Weeks Gestation of Pregnancy


Image by Jimmy Conover



For those who may be looking for a bit more assurance in the event a rematch needs to occur, the Bearing program offers free rematching at any time during the journey when medically or legally indicated. Full terms of the rematching process can be provided by Compass if requested. You'll receive all the same services in the Bearing program as you would the Anchor program as a full service agency.

Total Agency Fee: $24,000

Payable in 2 equal installments at the time of: Full Medical Clearance and Full Legal Clearance

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If you have found your surrogate candidate but would like the assistance of an agency providing direct support to you as the intended parents, the Course program offers these services. While Compass will have limited contact directly with your surrogate candidate, we are here to walk you through each step of the process up until the point of pregnancy being achieved. Further assistance may be provided upon request and payment of services rendered. This is a fee-for-service program which is non-refundable and non-transferable to another candidate. 
Total Agency Fee: $9,000
Payable in 3 equal installments at the time of: Initial Records Approval by Clinic, Full Medical Clearance, and Full Legal Clearance

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